Xbox live games not updating

By menu lag, I mean sluggishness shifting left or right through the Metro tile interface.

A week ago, that interface was fast and fluid and totally hitch-free, but this morning, it’s like someone walked the frame rate down to single-digits-ville.

I needed some downtime from the console’s beautiful rides and zombie mobs and risible breast physics.

The only interaction my Xbox One’s had with a human being in a week: my toddler, who figured out that touching the console’s capacitive plastic faceplate to oscillate the signature backlit logo and corresponding electronic power-up-or-down “plink! When I put my Xbox One to bed, it was fine, no complaints, no issues, no memory leaks or menu lag or whatever else you’ve been reading people complain about on message boards.

“We are aware that some members may be having problems purchasing content.

The error is not affecting every Xbox Live user, but a percentage of players seem to have no access at all.The connection errors are affecting both online games as well as primarily single-player releases, but you can still launch the latter by going to Settings, Network, and selecting “offline mode” (thanks to Juan for that tip).“Signing into Xbox Live, browsing the Xbox Games Store, buying downloadable items, and downloading items that you have already purchased [are not working],” reads the Xbox Live status page.So I’m baffled this morning, returning to it to investigate this new update, released last night, that it wouldn’t download anything.And further, that my system started exhibiting bizarre menu lag for no apparent reason.

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