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We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those courageous women who fought to change this. From the 11 century women were excluded from universities.

This meant also being deprived of the intellectual and cultural creative friction and interchange that takes place around institutions of learning which helps hone major thought leaders.

Not only this, but unconventional sexual relationships and life styles also emerged, with women taking multiple lovers and husbands who were creative intellectual and philosophical partners.Next in this thin and volatile thread of women’s march to development came the cultural revolution that exploded in the 60’s.Here was a very conscious effort by feminists to create a paradigmatic shift in women’s consciousness.What is fascinating in Lerner’s work is that throughout history, despite the dominance of our maternal wiring, and the paucity of life choices available outside of marriage and domesticity for millennia, there has been a thin unbroken line of pioneering heroic women, through whom Eros, the creative impulse, has manifested in ways other than child bearing–women with brilliant, creative minds and courageous hearts, driven to make a mark at their time…So why is there so little cumulative effect in consciousness, in culture?The thrust of contemporary research emphasizes the historical adverse conditions for women culturally, namely patriarchal values, and this no doubt plays a huge part in this phenomenon.

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