Updating your action replay

Cheating devices such as the Action Replay are primarily used to enable, disable, or modify sections of a particular game's code.By intercepting game code transmission between the game's software and the system's hardware, Action Replay devices can change the gaming experience.This new device enabled users to modify GBA games like the ordinary Action Replay for GBA; however, it also had the ability to save DS games onto a computer using a USB cable.Using this method, users could backup and restore saved game files.However, Interact, the company who distributed Game Sharks, went bankrupt.After that, Mad Catz bought the name Game Shark, and Action Replays were then sold to the public by their original name.

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While the Game Shark was the most widely used cheating device in the late '90s, it was actually a rebranded Action Replay.

Although Action Replay can be helpful, it is also known to freeze the game occasionally and to cause minor problems.

Codes that simply allow users to change Pokémon, levels, or stats tend to be harmless, however, others like walk through walls or codes rewriting major events in the storyline may result in minor game glitches or corrupt the entire save file.

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