Updating yacht

Contact our service team for more details and to get started. If you’re anything like me, you often enthuse about your boat’s interior “lookin’ like new” while blabbing with your boating buddies.One of the most significant amendments is the requirement for all seafarers to update some elements of the mandatory STCW safety training.

“Such times, we’ll often apply new, paper-backed veneers over the old, while being careful to match it in terms of grain structure, pattern, and other aspects.

Of course, there are many kinds of interior joinery.

What’s in a Grand Banks trawler’s saloon will bear little resemblance to the saloon of a Hatteras convertible, for example.

Go with a product your manufacturer recommends if possible, but otherwise you’ll find excellent, relatively inexpensive, linseed- or tung-based oils from Watco (), and others at hardware stores.

Most experts advise applying the stuff with a polyfoam brush and then thoroughly rubbing it in with clean terry-cloth pads.

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