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He shed light on the Soul, the subtle elements of matter and creation.His main idea was that essential nature (prakrti) comes from the eternal (purusha) to develop all of creation.Anil Gupta created the Honey Bee Network to support grassroots innovators who are rich in knowledge, but not in resources. Amazing Science (Part 4) Language and Literature By J J O'Connor and E F Robertson Grammar, Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology Sanskrit was the classical literary language of the Indian Hindus and Panini is considered the founder of the language and literature.

In fact, when we extend the boundaries of history to view the longer span of history we find some amazing developments predating "modern" history originating in India more than 5,000 years ago.Instead reporters and cameramen only focused on the minority elements - naked sadhus smoking ganja (marijuana) and implying prayers were to some lesser god. In truth, the Indian media showed an equal amount of bias and lack of cultural pride.In short the media still portrays India in a deeply condescending manner. The point is that westerners have been brought up for decades incorrectly viewing ancient civilizations as intellectually and culturally inferior to modern man.It may seem astonishing, but the ancient texts are there to show the thinking and writing of these great Indian thinkers. It seems that in the West we have a condescending, Euro- or Greco-centric view that civilizations older than Greece were uncivilized barbarians.This notion was further melded into our collective psyche through Hollywood's portrayal of ancient cultures.

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