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Tomorrow’s BBC programme will show that the whole thing was even barmier than anyone realised at the time.

Not since Marie-Antoinette’s immortal (if invented) remark — ‘let them eat cake’ — has there been such an ill-advised catering directive. And while more than half the nation lived below the poverty line, the ruling family lived a life of exuberant luxury.

None was noisier than an exiled mullah called Ayatollah Khomeini, who denounced all those attending the ‘shameful’ party as ‘traitors’ and ‘vultures’. Women were given the vote and Islamic zealots marginalised. Their solution: a tent city in the desert — but not just any tents.

He encouraged hungry Iranians to rise up against their ruler. These were very smart prefabricated houses draped in tent-like material, dozens of them erected around a central fountain amid verdant gardens. Since there was no water, let alone greenery, all of it would have to be flown in.

L’intensité se code en cinq points avec les lettres allant de A (très faible intensité) à E (intensité maximale).

L’asymétrie se code avec les lettres R (right, mouvement présent à droite) et L (left, mouvement présent à gauche).

And so a 20-mile radius was sprayed with chemicals to wipe out any wildlife.Aujourd’hui 7 expressions faciales émotionnelles sont considérées comme universelles et dépassent les considérations ethniques, culturelles et sexuelles.Pour chaque expression faciale il existe donc des prototypes de ces expressions faciales émotionnelles.It isn’t even the official video of the party — for which a Hollywood film crew was recruited and Orson Welles, no less, hired as narrator.Historic: An extraordinary new documentary tells the true story of the eye-popping bash 45 years ago which drew kings and queens, an emperor, princes and princesses, presidents and dictators to a fake oasis in the middle of a desert.

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