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I had studied it when I was younger, at Laney College in Oakland. I took my GED and I started studying at Laney College, and I had this great improv teacher, Lou.

Her earliest memories are of the ocean, later inspiring her pseudonym. She said about her sexuality: But I…don't believe that gender is just binary, and I never have, so that's what pulls me to sometimes politically identify as a lesbian, because I'm a feminist, and I feel like women are still so suppressed. But I also feel like there are people all along the spectrum, so in that sense, I feel like I would be more bisexual or just, you know, open-ended.I made myself a reel and sent that off to somebody who I’d known from the Bay area who was on the writing team at , and they passed it on to whoever, and after that I got another call saying, “Can you send us an audition tape? ” DS: They tell you which sides they want you to read, which are in the script, and then you just…act it out. I’ve seen that someone’s agent would set up a little studio area and they would make it, but we just made it in our house. Then they flew me out Wednesday morning, and I actually haven’t been back to New York until last night. A town car came and picked me up at five in the morning, and by the next morning I was doing my first scenes. Definitely Jenny Schechter’s character is really brilliant, and that’s what Moira loves in her.About two days after I’d wrapped on John’s film, I was back at work. I don’t feel like she’s condescending; she just likes to be the strong guy around to help her out. She’s a college graduate and has already started working in the tech world, but [she’s] culturally pretty working class.With her girlfriend of the time, Bitch, formerly of Bitch and Animal, she helped to form a band called Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion.She was part of the band The Thorns of Life with her longtime friends Blake Schwarzenbach (formerly of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil) and Aaron Cometbus (of Pinhead Gunpowder and formerly Crimpshrine).

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