Carbon dating diamonds

The reading found in diamonds cannot be explained away by appealing to sample chemistry or other forms of contamination during the testing process.I hope that helps, Joel Tay Earlier this year, I was playing the sceptic with an atheist online & used information from Creation Magazine / regarding radioisotope dating of KNM ER 1470 & the Santo Domingo rock formation in Argentina; namely & In response, a faithful believer in evolution & deep time responded with a copy & paste from Talk. A rudimentary study of their ‘refutation’ indicated a use of assumptions, arbitrary assertions & circular reasoning.Baumgardner and the RATE team are to be commended for tackling the subject, but their “intrinsic radiocarbon” explanation does not work.The previously published radiocarbon AMS measurements can generally be explained by contamination, mostly due to sample chemistry.The RATE coal samples were probably contaminated in situ.

For example, Dr Sarfati demonstrates that those (which would necessarily include some of the articles by Talk.The unprocessed diamond samples probably reflect instrument background.Coal and diamond samples have been measured by others down to instrument background levels, giving no evidence for intrinsic radiocarbon.If you wish to do science you are looking for experimental evidence that falsifies your hypothesis.It is useless to provide explanations for results which then undermine your whole dating method.

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